"Now Everyone Can Innovate! So Can You"

According to World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2018, "Innovation" is the most in demand and highly rewarded skill in the global workforce today and in 2022. Harvard Business Review's article "Innovation Is Everyone's Job" explains how innovation should be performed by everyone in the organisation, regardless of function and responsibility, and how every one of us can start by innovating within our immediate area of work. Whatever your profession is, can you afford not to have this highly critical, coveted and creative skill?

Innovation-Express is designed and delivered to be “The Most Effective and Impactful Innovation Crash Course”. This is recommended to be one of the first innovation course that you should ever take!

The objective is to help participants of all seniority, skill levels and professions acquire and apply the most simple and powerful strategies of innovation through our signature Unified Theory of Innovation Framework and hands-on Innovation Sprint. We want to educate and empower everyone in the organisation to innovate in their respective areas of work and functional responsibilities, both to internal and external Customers.