Dean Yap, 42:- formerly in banking, in career transition

The full day workshop is packed but never dull. It expanded my mindset, giving more clarity to the ambiguous future. The term, exponential change, is key to waves of revolutionary changes. Preparing my mind to expect these waves allows me to reinspect my current situation, and provides unfair advantage to brace for impact, or better, to capture new opportunities. While the curriculum is great, questions, discussions or even debates from fellow classmates are added bonus. It allows us to see more perspectives, bringing us to deeper understanding. I will recommend this workshop to anyone who wish to remain relevant, and to harness new opportunities that are not visible to many others.


Mark Khng:- Senior Specialist | U Future Leaders, NTUC

This workshop was a real eye opener in linking currently developing technologies to possible future scenarios and how they could disrupt business and work as we know it now. The workshop was also a treasure trove of examples and anecdotes that made it easy to understand and follow.


Soh Yong Chuan:- Senior Manager cum Innovation Champion, Skillsfuture Singapore

Charlie made the masterclass very lively by engaging participants in the learning process, where everyone is encouraged to speak freely and candidly in response to his thought-provoking questions on “Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework” and “Innovation”. Besides very well-prepared and inviting participants’ feedback throughout the session, he also uses stories to illustrate key learning points.


Ong Jian Liang, 26:- - an architect associate in international masterplanning company and recent NUS graduate

This is an amazing program! As a recent graduate, this workshop opened my eyes to the exciting yet disruptive scenarios of work in the process of playing out. It adjusted my mindset to be constantly ahead of the game by upgrading with new, and especially tech, skills and re-inventing my career strategies. Highly recommended for PMEs from all age groups.


Andy Sim:- Director, Digital Innovation at National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

The workshop is inspiring, insightful and, most importantly, impactful! It enabled me to appreciate the Future Economy and equip me with the tools to take action.


Ivan Bunarsih, 32:- Research Analyst

This program is a wake up call and eye opener. It is indeed much needed to stimulate radical shift in mindset, to cope with the world that is not only constantly changing, but at an accelerating pace. Thank you Charlie for sharing practical and priceless insights.”


Rina Loh:- Co-Founder of FoodZaps Technology

Charlie’s class is revolutionary! I had a paradigm shift and greater awareness of the urgency to unlearn, learn, embrace change, celebrate innovation and excited for the unknown smart future. He deepened my business identity to be a technology provider/owner than the receiving user. I’m happy to know that what I’m doing, empowers businesses, innovate lives and much deep learning ahead.


Prakash Natarajan:- Global IT Director, Unilever Asia Private Limited

Charlie’s program was very insightful. It gave a strong understanding of the upcoming changes in the innovation economy and helps put one in a competitive advantage. I would recommend for anyone who wants to shape the future as opposed to entering it passively.


Xander Friedländer:- Senior Vice President APAC, Retail Insight

Charlie is an astute thinker, engaging writer and inspirational speaker on how rapidly advancing technologies will impact the economy, business and people today and in the future. I benefited both professionally and personally from his deep insights. Thank you, Charlie!


Lim Kien Hwee:- Divisional Director, Enterprise Singapore

He is a very engaging speaker. He is able to make something complicated, simple. It is a complex subject, but he was able to explain clearly what the effects on the factors listed are. I walked away confirming some of my own understanding and learning new things in the process. For anyone, wanting to know what the future of business will be like, then you should not miss this.


Kenji Lim:- successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses

Charlie’s lessons on the future is highly crucial for any entrepreneurs to stay relevant of what is coming ahead that might disrupt their businesses badly.